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You've Always Wanted to
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The 3-Lesson in 1
Super Class

Your busy. Your interested. But you don't have a lot of time to waste.  

Well, we designed a class that compresses our first 3 lessons into 1 and only takes 27 minutes to complete

It's specifically designed for brand new beginners that want to find out if our special martial arts curriculum is best for them.  

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Learn more below about the SUPER LESSON:

The 2 most important techniques in all martial arts
How using your blocks and footwork together will help you avoid getting hit by even the best strikers.
How to get away safely and quickly from someone trying to choke the everliving daylights out of you.
Basic counter techniques that will knock someone off balance and make them not want to try and attack you again.
and so much more.

Just enter your info in the form, register and  book your lesson, show up and learn faster than ever about how to be confident you can take care of yourself in a dangerous situation.

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